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These are the success stories completed by MSO Miss Asia Faqeer Hussain FIC Faisalabad, one of them is prescribed.
1. Open heart surgery in Cardiac Patient.
2. Aroutic conduits success story in Cardiac patient.
3. PPM single chamber success story in cardiac patient.
4. PTMC success story in Cardiac patient.

Percutaneous Trans-Mitral Commissurotomy, is a procedure done for a cardiac pathology called MITRAL STENOSIS. Mitral stenosis is a pathology of one of the valves in the heart called the Mitral valve, where-by it undergoes progressive thickening resulting from child hood throat infection by a bacteria called Beta Hemolytic Streptococci. This thickening of the valve results in progressive obstruction to blood flow across the valve thereby causing back pressure to build inside the chambers behind the valve thereby resulting in breathing difficulty, abnormal heart beats and even clot formation leading to stroke or paralysis.
This success story is about Miss Naila, she is a divorced woman. Her father is dead. She has two brothers but both are unhelpful to her. She has two kids; she is the only caretaker of them.

Name of Patient: Naila Akhtar (divorced)
Age: 32 years
Registration No: 17-08324
Address: Leelan Daakhana Khaas Tehsil and District Faisalabad.
Contact: 0303-9047587
In Heart Problem: since 3 years
Expenditure: 160,000/-

Dr. Liaqat HOD FIC Fsd referred Miss Naila to Medical Social Officer Miss Asia Faqeer Hussain FIC. Miss Naila was very poor and deserving patient. She is suffering from Cardiac Disease from 3 years. She has decided for the treatment but due to her circumstances she wasn’t able to do it. When she came to MSO, MSO Miss Asia Faqeer Hussain helped her in all ways. She guided her in all manners.

A normal PTMC procedure’s takes 3 or 4 months to happen because rush of patients, but MSO Asia Faqeer Hussain FIC seen her condition and personally requested Dr. Liaqat HOD FIC Fsd to do it in as soon as possible. Due to shortage of PTMC Balloons MSO arranged a meeting with donor and convinced him to help her in anyway. The donor arranged the PTMC Balloon (cost: 160,000) for her.

Patient Reviews:
After the treatment she’s recovered. She thanked all the staff and doctors and especially thanks to MSO Miss Asia Faqeer Hussain.

MSO find her very poor and deserving because she has no one to take care of her. The patient came to the MSO on 20th June. MSO arranged the PTMC balloon for her and gave it the Philanthropist and thanked HOD Dr. Liaqat.

HSF has achieved outstanding results in a very short time. Heart Savers Foundation (HSF) provide echo machine to Hospital for serving patients. HSF Provide free medicine to OPD patients. HSF provide Permanent Pace Maker (PPM) to many patient. HSF provide Injection Cordorone 15m to emergency ward. Provide Tab Morivan to Emergency ward.

The main aim of the organization is to serve the poor deserving heart patients, to provide them with treatment and where this is not possible.

I sincerely pray to the Almighty Allah to grace us with His blessings in our continued efforts in achieving success in the future.

Medical Social Officer Miss Asia Faqeer Hussain handed over the PTMC Balloon to Naila Patients.