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Dr Rai Zulfiqar Ali

Faisalabad Institute of Cardiology was established on 13th August 2007 with the main purpose of serving the Heart Ailing Patients of the region. With the passage of time the number of patient (Indoor/Outdoor) increased many fold. Resultantly it was felt that there must be an NGO attached with this institution to meet with the increasing demand of poor Heart Patients, So, HEART SAVERS FOUNDATION (Regd), Social Welfare and Bait-Ul-Mall Department Govt. of Punjab was established on 13the April 2009.

With the main Objectives of:-
To help the poor and destitute Heart Patients in procurement of medicine and other allied facilities.
Provision of necessary facilities to the relative of Indoor Patients, during their stay in Hospital.
To help the hospital management in maximize their efforts to serve the Heart Patients.
Heart Savers Foundation services to the Hospital patients are commendable and do deserve appreciation in their performance.
Hospital management prays for their more success in helping the heart patients.