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1. Background
Faisalabad Institute of Cardiology, Faisalabad is third specialized autonomous institute for heart disease was established on Tuesday 13th November 2007. This 202 beded tertiary care cardiac institute provides 24/7 cardiac diagnostic and treatment facilities to Faisalabad and other adjoining areas along with cardiovascular emergency care, backup cover facilities like PCI and cardiac Surgeries etc.
This institute is recognized by Pakistan Medical & Dental Council on 9th May 2011 for Post Graduate Programs whereas accreditation with CPSP of FCPS took place on 10th June 2011. Institute was affiliated to University of Health Sciences for Postgraduate (B.Sc. Hons. Cardiac Perfusion).

The objectives of this institute are:-

  • Provide cardiac diagnostic and treatment healthcare facilities of highly specialized nature.
  • Train medical, paramedical and staff nurses to provide optimum cardiac care.
  • Provide research facilities in the field of Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery.
  • To facilitate post-graduation training programs in collaboration with CPSP and UHS.
  • Become a center of initiating public health awareness programs to prevent cardiac diseases.
  • Provide advanced cardiac life support training to medical personnel and basic life support programs (BLS) training at community level to save precious human lives.

1.2 Social Welfare& Bait-ul-Maal Punjab.
The concept of social welfare is not new in our country. The spirit of doing good to the fellow beings and the enthusiasm for taking part in activities for the well being of the under-privileged can be traced back to times immemorial. To render help to the less fortunate brethren was an essential obligation of all, and was regarded as a means of salvation of serving God. Thus, every aspect of our culture was predominated by humanitarian philosophy. Political dependency and economic backwardness have been the main obstacles in the development of social work in the form of institutional services. After independence, social work has assumed new dimensions in Pakistan. The sources of welfare activities are inherent in the constitution. It is on the basis of the national constitution that the government has established Social Welfare Department. This department has sought to serve the development and rehabilitation needs of the weaker sections of society especially the physically and socially handicapped, women and children, the vulnerable sections of the community in rural and urban areas.
Social Welfare Department is working with the vision of providing an equitable and well-functioning social protection system anchored at the principles of empowerment and inclusion for all, particularly the marginalized. In addition to coordinate and ensuring responsive social protection services to the communities in general, poor and vulnerable in particular, by mobilizing partnerships and developing organizational capacities.


Medical Social Services Project is working under Department of Social Welfare, and Bait-ul-Maal, Punjab. Medical Services Project was start working in July 2008 but Project was established in July 2015. Miss Asia Faqeer Hussain Medical Social Officer performs her duties.

Faisalabad is the 2nd largest city the Punjab. The Division Faisalabad has a population of about 6.4 million, Faisalabad District comprises of urban and rural areas where most of the population consists of low paid laborers of the Agriculturist/small farmers having meager sources of income. Central Zakat Department, Islamabad has already allocated Zakat found to Teaching Hospitals for purchase of medicines and other costly surgical disposable throughout Pakistan.
This newly established Project keeping view its status of 202 bedded specialized Institute , where facilities like Angiography/ angioplasty and open Heart Surgery etc, are judiciously utilized only on the treatment of very poor/needy patients after completing all formalities as prescribed by the Zakat Department, Punjab. In this regard a HWC has been constituted at Faisalabad Institute of Cardiology, Faisalabad.


  1. Prepare case history of cardiac patients having financial, psychological and social problems in accordance with case work techniques. Plan and organize social services keeping in view individual needs and help them for their social rehabilitation.
  2. Medical social Services Project help out the poor, deserving non affording patients suffering from acute & cardiac diseases by providing them free medicines, Permanent Pace Maker (PPM) PTMC Balloon, Arotic Conduit Arotic Valves, Anoplaty Rings PTCA Balloon & Operation items etc.
  3. Cardiac Patients are facilitated for surgeries through Health Welfare Committee ( Zakat)
  4. Project also provides Echocardiography Machine for Poor Patients.
  5. Trop – I Test and other Lab test is free for deserving patients from Medical Social Officer
  6. Medical Social Officer makes possible the arrangement for the celebration of different National and Religious occasion and distribute Gifts for Poor, destitute patients on Eid Days and other occasions.
  7. MSSP provide Electrical Bad for Emergency ward, wheel chairs seating chairs dead body covered sheets, for Emergency Ward for poor crippled children.
  8. Visit wards with hospital staff and after indicating deserving patients provide them assistance according to their individual needs.
  9. Co-ordination with hospital administration and voluntary social welfare agencies for initiating social welfare services.
    Apart from all above activities, Moral and Psychological counseling of distressed patients is don from the platform of Medical Social Officer.

1.5 Mission Statement
To help out the poor, deserving and non affording patients suffering from Cardiac diseases by providing them free medicines, operation items and all other welfare services.